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Welcome to Avant Gauche a website dedicated to Lolita (AKA: Gothic Lolita, EGL, Gosu Loli.)

Please put away all your preconceptions, this Lolita has nothing to do with Nabokov and his pedophillic Humbert Humbert, nymphets, pornography, rorikon or Hentai. Lolita is a fashion from japan where at sometime during the mid nineties fashion explosion, young ladies took to dressing like Victorian porcelain dolls wearing voluminous frilly knee-length dresses, frill top socks and Mary Janes the look was championed by J-pop and Visual Kei stars like Kana, Mana from Malice Mizer, Aya from Psycho-le-cemu and the author Novela Takemoto.

Lolita is still going strong in Japan where every weekend in the Harajuku district of Tokyo sweetly dressed young women congrigate to chat, giggle and have ther pictures taken by beguiled tourists. Thanks mainly to publications like Fruits Gothic Lolita has come to the attention of the world outside Japan and has had an unmistakable effect on western fashion.

Lolita is ever evoling fashion and has many different substyles from the darker gothic lolita & elegant gothic aristocrat (ega) to lighter Sweet, Country & Classic Lolita and even more recently the developement of boyish styles like Gothic Dandy and Oujisama. If you've always longed for a simpler more elegant and chaste world where manners matter then Lolita is for you. If you want to read more please visit and Lolita Handbook they describe Gothic Lolita better than I ever could.

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